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Father with his Son


Eating Cereal

Feeding Your Picky Eater Masterclass

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Wondering if you will benefit from this course? If you are experiencing any of the follow challenges below you are the PERFECT fit!

  • My child has been or is described as a picky eater 

  • Mealtimes are stressful for my family

  • My child has a limited variety of foods that he/she will consistently eat 

  • My child does not tolerate new food on his/her plate

  • All my tricks to get my picky eater to eat are no longer working


Here is a sneak peek to what is inside: 

  • How to support your child during mealtimes to decrease dysregulation

  • Fun strategies to improve your child's willingness to tolerate and learn about new foods 

  • Insight in to why your child might be a picky eater

  • Printable resources you can use with your children and an action guide to help you make small changes along the way

  • And so much more...!

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