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Five Cornerstones of Connection Parenting Program

You will feel like you are THRIVING on your parenting journey instead of just SURVIVING by providing new-age, evidence-based parenting practices for your child that leans into your intuition as a parent

Imagine a framework backed by research that can be applied at ANY age during ANY situation to get you through those most challenging moments and in the end will build a strong, connected relationship with your children!

Why connection?

"Children will only move to explore and create reliable stored memories of the world around them if they have a safe, secure base to return to. This safe haven is built through CONNECTION which is that nurturing, responsive relationship from the beginning."- Coach Taira

"CONNECTION is the foundation on which our relationship with our children is built. It allows our children to feel safe and trusted when they are experiencing a wide range of emotions. Placing connection as the primary building block of your relationship with your children will feel good to you as the parent and to your children."- Coach Kristin

In this program you will:

  1. Remain CALM in order to respond instead of react to challenging behaviors 

  2. Get CURIOUS about the underlying reasons behind the behaviors that you see and gain a better understanding of your child's unique wiring

  3. CO-REGULATE  with your child during those challenging situations to help them develop emotional regulation skills

  4. COLLABORATE with your child to develop practical solutions to common challenging moments through a teamwork approach

  5. Practice CONSISTENCY to build a trusting, connected relationship with your child that will last a lifetime

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Customize your learning

We know life as a parent is already busy enough; therefore, we offer a learn at your own pace option. Our 5 Cornerstones of Connection framework is broken down into six pre-recorded video modules to guide you step-by-step through your parenting journey. We have included an action guide to support you as you practice these strategies into daily life that includes printable visuals you can hang as reminders to get you through each step.

We also offer 1:1 individual coaching calls to dive in deeper with you in order to discover the root of any disconnection you and your family are experiencing and how to best support your uniquely wired child.


  • 6 pre-recorded modules 

  • Action Guide

  • Printable visuals


  • 6 pre-recorded modules 

  • Action Guide

  • Printable visuals

  • TWO 1:1 coaching calls

  • Each additional call +$60


  • 6 pre-recorded modules 

  • Action Guide

  • Printable visuals

  • FOUR 1:1 coaching calls

  • Each additional call +$40

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