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Kids Blowing Bubbles



Dr. Taira Fischer, OTD, OTR/L,

STAR Proficiency Certification in SPD 

Taira received her training at Huntington University where she was awarded a doctorate of occupational therapy degree (OTD). She earned a bachelor’s degree from The Ohio State University majoring in psychology. Taira specializes in pediatrics with an interest in sensory processing disorder and child neurodevelopment. Her passion is helping parents understand their child's uniquely wired nervous system and to support children to reach their fullest potential.  


Taira's Experience 

Taira’s experience includes completion of a 4-month residency at the STAR Institute Treatment and Research Center for SPD in Greenwood Village, CO. Taira attended a week-long intensive mentorship during her training at STAR to be certified as a Level I: Advanced Mentored Clinician in SPD and has completed the course work to achieve the SPD ProCert 1 (Professional Credential in Sensory Processing Disorder). She attended the basic SOS Approach to Feeding course to help kids who are struggling with picky eating and/or self-feeding skills and completed certification of the Sensory Beginnings Master Course dedicated to sensory integration and regulation within the first two years of life. Within Taira’s professional career she has been recognized as a presenter by the World Federation of Occupational Therapy at the First Occupational Therapy Conference in Ukraine to therapists, medical doctors, psychologists, and other health care providers on the role and use of play in occupational therapy. Most recently Taira has researched and has taken continuing education on child neurodevelopment including topics of brain and nervous system development, infant mental health, attachment, and emotional regulation. Taira is a member of the American Occupational Therapy Association. She plans to continue to be a part of the advocacy, research, and education of supporting childhood neurodevelopment by following the most updated parenting advice and specifically how to apply these strategies to children with SPD.

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“Therapy should be fun! My goal for every session is to see a child smiling and laughing while simultaneously reaching therapeutic goals.”

Children are the masters at play! It is a child's "occupation" or "job" where they learn and develop physical skills, sensory integration, emotional regulation, and social skills. That is why my approach to treatment is committed to following the child's inner drive to play and using that motivation to build their skills. They are the leaders of the session and guide the therapeutic process.

What my sessions are NOT: they are not drilling a child and demanding a response, they are not practicing the same activity over and over, they are not following a strict schedule, they are not completing a set number of activities.

Mission Statement: Sensory Savvy Kids’ mission is to support parents in taking a proactive approach to their child’s development by providing evidence-based services that will help reduce the number of preventable developmental delays, mental health, and sensory processing disorders in children.

Vision Statement: Sensory Savvy Kids' vision is to empower parents to feel competent in the sensory health of their children by developing a secure, positive parent-child relationship that will enable children to feel safe in order to learn about the world around them.

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