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Virtual Parenting Coaching Program

How can parent coaching help you?

SPD Parent Coaching

Parenting a child with SPD is not easy. Sensory children sometimes do not always respond to typical parenting strategies. This can leave parents feeling disconnected from their child and at a loss of where to turn next. The parent coaching program is intended to educate and support parents to become the “experts” on how to regulate SPD symptoms in daily life. The goal of parent coaching is not to replace occupational therapy for a child with SPD, but to provide a supplemental service to help empower parents who feel out of touch with their child. 

Common Topics:

Develop a greater understanding of your sensory child and why certain behaviors occur 


Collaborate with a therapist to problem solve through daily challenges your family might be experiencing 


Discuss co-regulation and how to implement it with your sensory child  


Learn strategies to promote skill development  


Explore ways to grow your relationship with your sensory child


Common Topics:

Discussion into the root of what is holding your picky eater back  


Immediate recommendations to support feeding skills  


Personalized strategies to develop a positive mealtime experience  


How to introduce new foods  

Picky Eater Parent Coaching

A common misconception is that eating is an innate skill that is not taught. However, eating is actually a learned behavior that requires practice and repetition in order to master the ability to self-feed. When there is a disruption in the process of learning how to eat kids children can learn how to avoid eating or not eat. The parent coaching program provides a structured guide on how to teach your child to accept and eat foods as well as advance their eating skills. If a child continues to struggles with their picky eating individual 1:1 feeding therapy may be recommended. 

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What's included?

3 months of support through 1:1 Zoom or in-person meetings including: 

Free 15 minute consult before starting


12 weeks of 24/7 email support with responses within 48 hours 


Up to 75 minute phone consult for the initial meeting to discuss assessment and goals. After this meeting you will leave with: 

  • An understanding of what underlying or foundational issues are impeding your child's functioning 

  • Established goals to track progress

  • General treatment strategies to try immediately

  • A clear vision of the path we will take to meet your goals for you family/child

Bi-weekly virtual follow-up meetings to discuss:

  • Personalized strategies or recommendations to implement 

  • Develop a plan of action for the following weeks

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