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Relationship-based therapy services:
sensory processing and child neurodevelopment

Parent coaching programs and educational series designed to support parents in meeting a child's unique needs

Virtual parent coaching intended to support parents to become the "experts" on their child's individual needs, identifying how their child’s unique wiring plays a role in behavior, and implementing strategies at home to improve every day functioning.  

SSK is dedicated to providing new-age, evidence-based resources for that will lay the neural foundation for learning and emotional processing for the rest of their lives!

Play-based, child-directed therapy services with a strong focus on parent education

Therapy should be fun! The goal for every session is to see a child smiling and laughing while simultaneously reaching therapeutic goals.


Virtual Parent Coaching

Develop a greater understanding of your child and why certain behaviors occur. This program will help parents develop strategies they can use in the home to improve their child's engagement in daily tasks. The goal of parent coaching is not to replace occupational therapy or feeding therapy, but to provide a supplemental service to help empower parents who feel out of touch with their child.  


Feeding therapy is intended for children who are picky eaters or problem feeders. SSK uses a pressure-free, play-based therapy approach and parent coaching to help kids learn to accept new foods and develop the skills needed in order to engage in self-feeding at an age-appropriate level. 

Parent Programs and Education

SSK is dedicated to equipping all parents with science backed resources to help parents understand the reasons behind their child's behavior, as well as, the prevention of SPD and developmental delays. That is why we are created the Savvy Parenting Program with courses and parent coaching in order to ensure you are enhancing laying the neural foundation to develop a strong connection with your child as well as nourishing all their physical, social, and emotional needs!

Occupational Therapy

In general, occupational therapy (OT) helps individuals gain independence in normal activities of everyday life. At SSK, our focus is helping children with SPD and their families achieve optimal quality of life through intensive therapy programs and parent coaching.

Therapy In Motion

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What is sensory processing?

8 Sensory 


Sensory Processing Disorder




Dr. Taira Fischer, OTD, OTR/L, STAR Proficiency Certification in SPD Level I

Taira was awarded her Doctorate Degree in Occupational Therapy from Huntington University and has a Bachelor’s Degree from The Ohio State University majoring in psychology.

Taira specializes in pediatrics with an interest in sensory processing disorder and child development.

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PHONE: 614-653-8511


Based out of Columbus, OH 

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