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Children in Indoor Playground

Relationship-based therapy services:
sensory processing, emotional regulation, and child neurodevelopment


Play-based, child-led therapy services with a strong focus on parent education

Therapy should be fun! The goal for every session is to see a child smiling and laughing while simultaneously reaching therapeutic goals. We cherish play as the primary occupation of children that is self-initiated and enjoyable for the child and understand that play drives skill acquisition in all aspects of childhood development. 

Sessions are NOT drilling a child and demanding a response, they are not practicing the same activity over and over, they are not following a strict schedule, they are not completing a set number of activities. We practice skills in a child's most natural context through play.

Play In Motion

Sensory input leads to a motor output. We use sensory play to help children build the foundational skills needed to feel secure to process and manage the sensations that they feel all day long. Once a child feels safe they are able to participate in therapy through self-directed play without feeling pressure to perform a specific activity, but rather advanced through therapeutic goals while engaging in a their number one occupation: PLAY!  

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Booster Bunch Play Groups Now Enrolling!

Sensorimotor Play Group:

18 months - 3yo

MONDAYS 10:15am - 11am
FRIDAYS 10:15am - 11am

3yo - 5yo

MONDAYS 9am - 9:45am
TUESDAYS 2pm - 2:45pm

Unrestricted, free play in a safe environment to practice sensorimotor skills

Encourage sensory integration, motor planning, and problem solving through self-initiated play


Co-regulate with your child to promote appropriate arousal levels and regulation 


Gain insights to your child's development and support on how to enhance sensory processing skills


Have all your questions answered by a pediatric therapist there to support you along the way

Group is limited to 5 participants. Please RSVP to ensure your spot. Payment accepted through cash, check, or PayPal at or before the time of your visit. See our prices and payment options here.

Programs dedicated for caregivers

Parent coaching programs and educational series designed to support parents in meeting a child's unique needs

Virtual parent coaching intended to support parents to become the "experts" on their child's individual needs, identifying how their child’s unique wiring plays a role in behavior, and implementing strategies at home to improve every day functioning.  

SSK is dedicated to providing new-age, evidence-based resources for that will lay the neural foundation for learning and emotional processing for the rest of their lives!


Occupational Therapy

In general, occupational therapy (OT) helps individuals gain independence in normal activities of everyday life. At SSK, our focus is helping children with SPD and their families achieve optimal quality of life through intensive therapy programs and parent coaching.

Booster Bunch Group

This play group program is dedicated for all infants and young children to promote milestones and is great for babies who are in need of a boost in developmental skills and/or at risk for developmental delays and sensory processing disorders. It is intended to allow for early identification and prevention of delays or processing challenges, as well as, provide caregivers a safe haven when they have questions or concerns about their child's development. 


Feeding therapy is intended for children who are picky eaters or problem feeders. SSK uses a pressure-free, play-based therapy approach and parent coaching to help kids learn to accept new foods and develop the skills needed in order to engage in self-feeding at an age-appropriate level. 

Parent Coaching and Education

SSK is dedicated to equipping all parents with science backed resources to help parents understand the reasons behind their child's behavior, as well as, the prevention of SPD and developmental delays. That is why we created the Savvy Parenting Program with courses and parent coaching in order to ensure you are enhancing laying the neural foundation to develop a strong connection with your child as well as nourishing all their physical, social, and emotional needs!

Kids Blowing Bubbles


What is sensory processing?

8 Sensory 


Sensory Processing Disorder

Signs of SPD


Dr. Taira Fischer, OTD, OTR/L, STAR Proficiency Certification in SPD Level I

Taira was awarded her Doctorate Degree in Occupational Therapy from Huntington University and has a Bachelor’s Degree from The Ohio State University majoring in psychology.

Taira specializes in pediatrics with an interest in sensory processing disorder and child development.

Diversity Statement

"At Sensory Savvy Kids, we are dedicated to creating an inclusive and diverse environment for all children and families. Our outpatient pediatric occupational therapy clinic, specializing in sensory processing and regulation, values and respects the unique cultural, social, and individual factors that shape each child's journey. Our commitment to diversity is embedded in our therapeutic approaches, ensuring personalized and culturally sensitive interventions. We strive to provide a welcoming space where every family feels heard, understood, and supported. By actively engaging with and learning from diverse communities, we aim to empower every child to reach their full potential, making diversity an integral part of our ethos at Sensory Savvy Kids."

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ADDRESS: 6352 Scioto Darby Rd.

Hilliard, OH 43026

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