Children's Race



Who will benefit from this group?

  • babies 3 months to pre-crawling

  • babies who spent time in the NICU

  • babies who are struggling with tummy time or other milestones

  • babies who have sensory regulation challenges. 

What are the benefits of group sessions?

Group therapy sessions for children are a great way to reinforce skills through playful interactions with peers during unstructured, sensory activities in order to gain practice in realistic play scenarios.

Groups are scheduled on an as needed basis when there is an interest or need to progress clients. Clients are grouped based on similar age range, skill-set, and goals. 

The focus of groups include:

Play Group

Maintaining appropriate arousal levels and regulation when playing with peers 

Increase ability to modulate and respond appropriately to sensory input when playing 

Increase ability to initiate social interactions with peer 

Improve age-appropriate social problem solving 

Feeding Groups

Developing a positive relationship with food

Decrease resistance to touching, tasting, and swallowing foods

Increase range of foods children will try

Develop a mealtime routine

Increase the volume of food children ingest